Obama Switches Teams – Endorsing Same Sex Marriage

Yesterday, President Obama officially changed his stance on the issue of Same Sex Marriage.  So why did he do it?

This has always been an issue the President has tip toed around, but came out yesterday in favor of it.  This comes at a convenient time in the campaign trail where the presumptive Republican nominee has essentially been wrapped up and has already started campaigning against Obama.

This is certainly a gamble for the President.  On one side, he needs to appease his base for fundraising activities coming up to the November election.  This announcement will also bring social conservatives to the ballot booths in droves who oppose same sex marriage.  This group also include a lot of Latino voters who traditionally have been very conservative on issues like Gay Marriage.  We will see if the gamble goes in the President’s favor.

Right now, the country is pretty much split down the middle on this issue where many believe that gay marriage is an issue of equality while others oppose that notion.

In San Francisco, I can tell you that a majority of Republicans support same sex marriage unlike other parts of the country, where several members of the San Francisco Republican Central Committee are gay with one of those members running for State Assembly!

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