Entry Level BART Police Position – $127,588

Apparently, I am in the wrong business when entry level BART (Train Service) officer get paid between $127,588 and $160,392.  I worked in technology for many years and don’t make the kind of money or receive the kind of benefits these guys do.  I am a big fan of police protecting us, but this seems like a lot of money, especially with the San Francisco Police Department’s starting officer salary is is about $40,000 less than this (See SF Police salaries here).  These government workers also get an incredible health and pension benefits, something none of my friends in the private sector get to enjoy.

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  1. I think is not right that those people get that much money!!! How about those people work for 911 EMT and Paramedic those people save life!! They should get more money but Bart police come on! They are not train to save life they just hang out I don’t understand why they got so much money how about firefighters those should earn more money because they put themselves in danger everyday they work…
    Bart police for what?? I never seen a Bart police on the Bart patrolling they don’t even make an effort to guard elevator so people can’t escape for paying the Bart ticket…probably for their performances they should just earn 50,000.00 a year!!! Please let’s petition their salary let’s do something people.

  2. Genevieve Ann Chamberlin says:

    Are Bart police private? Not accountable to public? Just asking. I think I would be more comfortable with regular police,well trained,accountable to state ofof Cali,or a private company with tazers and clubs only. I ride Sacto to San Jose whenI am out there and itifeels a litte heavy handed to me. Our transit”police”in Denver do not umiversally carry weapons.

  3. The BART PD “salary” is with benefits. If SFPD was with benefits as well. It’d be in the near 150k mark. BART PD is BART funded vs SFPD is city government funded. They’re both “government” but different. I do agree that most city cops deserve to get paid more but look at most wealthy San Mateo county police officers getting paid 100k-150k salary only in a town that has probably 1 homicide in 13 year and 30 burglary a year. Its all about location!

  4. BART Cops salary top off at $160,000 per year. Pretty good salary for over dressed over paid Security/Transit Cops!

  5. Al Dixon says:

    I think all of you are belly aching crybabies !!!!!!! Do you put a bullet proof vest on when you go to work ??!!!
    You don’t like the salary they rceive ??!! Then why don’t you apply and see if you can do it ??!! STOP FREAKIN’ CRYING !!!!!!!!

  6. Mike jerod says:

    Do you like spending Christmas with your family? What about New Years or Thanksgiving? Most police don’t do that. Just like Al Dixon said. Stop bitching and apply for the job if you want that salary. Where is it written that because you work in the tech field you should make more than a cop? You can probably ace a test but let me see you pass a police academy. Like most bellyaches, your all talk. Apply for the job if you want a higher salary and better benefits.

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