Alameda County Administrator gets over $400k for life

For anyone concerned about politicians balancing their budget, this story should concern Republicans, Democrats, Independent and agnostic alike.  It isn’t a surprise that the San Francisco Bay Area favors their government workers, but the treatment of their Country Administrator takes this favor too far.

Susan Muranishi, an Alameda Country administrator (east of San Francisco) is being rewarded for her years of service by earning $423,664 for life.  I am very much in favor of paying people their worth, but as the highest paid administrator in the country, this is ridiculous as even cities like New York  and San Francisco don’t even come close.

According to SF Gate:

Alameda County supervisors have really taken to heart the adage that government should run like a business — rewarding County Administrator Susan Muranishi with the Wall Street-like wage of $423,664 a year.

For the rest of her life.

According to county pay records, in addition to her $301,000 base salary, Muranishi receives:

– $24,000, plus change, in “equity pay’’ to guarantee that she makes at least 10 percent more than anyone else in the county.

– About $54,000 a year in “longevity” pay for having stayed with the county for more than 30 years.

– An annual performance bonus of $24,000.

– And another $9,000 a year for serving on the county’s three-member Surplus Property Authority, an ad hoc committee of the Board of Supervisors that oversees the sale of excess land.

Like other county executives, Muranishi also gets an $8,292-a-year car allowance.

Muranishi has been with the county for 38 years, and she’s 63. When retirement day comes, she’ll be getting a lot more than a gold watch.

That’s because, according to the county auditor’s office, Muranishi’s annual pension will be equal to the dollar total of her entire yearly package — $413,000. She also has a separate executive private pension plan, for which the county chips in $46,500 a year.

To find out more about how Muranishi wound up being the highest-paid county administrator in California,  read here.

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