Harmeet Dhillon Elected First Woman Vice Chair of California Republican Party

Fresh off my trip to Sacramento last weekend to attend the California State Republican Spring Convention, there was definitely some drama that took place while there.  Opponents to San Francisco’s own Harmeet Dhillon’s candidancy displayed some ignorance when Vera Eyzendooren, president of the San Bernardino County Federation of Republican Women seemed to think Harmeet was Muslim, even though she is Sikh.

Even with this in the background, Harmeet ran the table in the election being the first ever female elected to Vice Chairmanship

Here is some coverage from KCRA TV

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According to KCRA:

Harmeet Dhillon, a lawyer from San Francisco, was elected to become the party’s statewide vice chairman.

In a recent posting on Facebook, Dhillon was accused of sympathizing with terrorists by Vera Eyzendooren, president of the San Bernardino County Federation of Republican Women.

“I was told by one of Harmeet’s friends that because of her religion, her loyalty is to the Muslim religion,” wrote Eyzendooren. “So she will defend a Muslim beheading two men without hesitation … she is not Republican.”

Dhillon is a Sikh, who as a child moved to the United States from India.

“In any group of 1,600 delegates, you’re going to have a few crazy people and bigots,” Dhillon told KCRA 3.

Eyzendooren’s comments were denounced in a joint statement from party chairman Tom Del Beccaro, Senate Minority Leader Bob Huff and Assembly GOP leader Connie Conway: “Blatant racism has no place in the party of Lincoln. We strongly denounce this hateful speech in this and any other venue.”

Contacted by the San Francisco Chronicle, Eyzendooren said her comments had been taken out of context but declined to answer a reporter’s questions.

Mark Standriff, the party spokesman, told KCRA 3 it would be up to the California Federation of Republican Women to decide if Eyzendooren should be punished.


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