To Intervene in Syria or Not, Have they Crossed a “Red Line” – Video

The conflict in Syria and the use of chemical weapons (Sarin gas) is sparking a lot of debate domestically and internationally. With so many people killed by their own leaders there is quite a bit of foreign and domestic pressure to act. President Obama has said that he believes that action should be taken militarily but said he will not act without getting Congress’ approval (although, according to him he doesn’t need it).

The UK’s Prime Minister David Cameron was denied by his country’s Parliament to engage in intervention in Syria and President Obama is likely set to get a vote on the issue any day now. President Obama is getting getting mixed reviews from his own party as well as Republicans who are divided over the issue. Senator Marco Rubio made a sports analogy saying that is was like being down by 9 in a Football game at the end of the game, and that there is no way to win. He went on to criticize the President and said that more could have been done earlier to have made a real difference. Senator Rand Paul has been the most outspoken skeptic of the campaign not believing we should be caught up in this. However, Senator John McCain expressed support for the campaign as well as much of the Republican leadership.

Either way, the American population doesn’t appear to have the appetite for another conflict and it will take a strong case for it. Secretary of State John Kerry has been laying out the case for intervention to Congress and we will see if it is enough to spark action.

Although a look back one year ago…

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