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Clippers owner Donald Sterling in Hot Water over Racial Comments

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Tweet The NBA playoffs is getting a bit of unwanted attention when a tape surfaced of Owner Donald Sterling saying racial comments. This is getting quite a bit of publicity as players, owners and fans aren’t sure what the backlash of this will be: Suspension? Fine? Team taken away? This drama is a far from […]

SF Based Senator Yee Arrested; 2 other Senators Targeted for Arms Trafficking

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Tweet Democratic California State Senator Leeland Yee (located in San Francisco) has had a lot of press recently as he was arrested on corruption and gun trafficking. Two other Senators have also been targeted by authorities as apart of the conspiracy. Democrats, who control a super majority in the State Senate won’t affected from a […]

Newsbusted 3.14 – Political Comedy Video

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Tweet TOPICS: – Obama Disapproval – Young African-Americans – Oregon Obamacare Exchange – Cuban Dissidents – Tokyo vs. Detroit – Keystone XL Pipeline – NHL – California Governor Jerry Brown

California GOP Spring Convention this Weekend

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Tweet This weekend the California State GOP will be hosting their Spring convention in northern California in Burlingame. The convention will be attended by headliners like former U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, RNC Chairman Reince Priebus, and recently elected Mayor of San Diego Kevin Faulconer.

Split California into 6 States?! – Backed by Tim Draper


Tweet Splitting up California isn’t a new idea, but is an incredibly far fetched idea.  I wouldn’t typically give it any credence except for the fact that Silicon Valley VC superstar Tim Draper is backing an initiative to put this on the ballot for November.  If this does get the required amount of signatures, it […]

Sushi Chefs must Wear Glove According to California Law

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Tweet You can always count on California politicians to pass laws to “fix” things that aren’t broken. As of 2014, a new law that flew under the radar was one that requires that all sushi chefs to wear gloves when preparing sushi.  The law doesn’t only apply to sushi restaurants, it applies to all food […]

New Laws in California for 2014


Tweet Every year, new laws are enacted that we all need to be aware of and this year is no different. Here are a few laws going into effect this year reported by  the Mercury News: As of July 1, the minimum wage will be increased to $9/hour In-home caregivers who work more than nine […]

Newsbusted Political Comedy – Obamacare, Debt Ceiling, and Jerry Brown

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Tweet TOPICS: – Obamacare – Democrats – Debt Ceiling – New York Times – Hillary Clinton – MSNBC – Fox News – Silent Restaurant – Alec Baldwin – California Governor Jerry Brown

California State Fall Republican Convention this Weekend


Tweet This weekend is the California Fall GOP Convention in Anaheim, CA with some big name speakers like Gov. Rick Perry, Congressman Greg Walden of Oregon, and Republican National Committee Co-Chair Sharon Day will be featured speakers. Some of the biggest news is not the speakers, but the fact that several unions have sponsored the […]

California Republican Fall Convention 2013 – Rick Perry Speaker

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Tweet Texas Governor Rick Perry will be headlining this Fall’s California Convention in Anaheim. As a former Presidential candidate and a potential candidate for 2016, Perry will be a closely watched figure over the next few years. Perry has also been very successful at lobbying businesses to move to Texas (California is no exception) to […]

760+ mph Hyperloop Tube Transport Plans

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Tweet Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla and SpaceX has an incredible idea for revolutionizing how we travel. A tube between San Francisco and Los Angeles traveling incredibly fast could see that trip be done in 35 mins. To me, this looks like something out of a science fiction movie, but very cool nonetheless. California […]

Will Democrats Get Super Majority in California’s State Senate? – Vidak vs Perez

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Tweet Special Election Run off today  in the central valley.  What’s at stake? While Republicans control the US House of Representatives, the inverse it true in California’s State Assembly and State Senate.  If the Democrats win one more seat, they will enjoy a super majority in both houses, making any attempt by Republicans to block […]

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