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Malaysian Flight Shot Down in Ukraine

Tweet The Ukraine is been in a continuous state of unrest as the country had to first deal with Russian influence in losing the Crimean Peninsula and now rebels (likely Russian special forces) are taking over parts of the country. Today, it is suspected that those same rebels shot down a Malaysian passenger flight with […]

Cloward–Piven Strategy – Collapse the US by Overloading Welfare System on Purpose?!

Tweet Most Americans believe in some kind of social safety net for everyone such as unemployment insurance, healthcare, welfare, social security and so forth. However, over the last decade, the United States is moving close and closer to insolubility as high regulation kills tampers business/investment, which is causing lower tax revenues. On top of this, […]

Liberals attack Romney in 2012 Election over Russian Stance – Romney was correct

Tweet In the 2012 Presidential election, Republican nominee Mitt Romney was mentioned in several interviews that he believed there were existential threats with Russia if the U.S. stance was weak on diplomacy (further mentioning that an Obama administration would be just that). That believe drew scorn from the liberal media who made Romney out to […]

Iran to Show International Strength in Naval Exercise near US Border

Tweet The tumultuous relationship with much of the world and Iran continue tensions as the country recently dispatched warships into to the Atlantic to conduct training exercises.  These operations will be conducted very close to the US border and is seen as an attempt to show their ability to show strength internationally.  For most other […]

Obama and O’Reilly Pre Superbowl Interview – Video

ScreenHunter_146 Feb. 03 22.05

Tweet An interesting and contentious interaction between Fox’s Bill O’Reilly and the President pre Superbowl.

President Obama back’s Judge’s Decision over NSA Data Collection

ScreenHunter_142 Dec. 28 09.32

Tweet President Obama is supporting a U.S. district court’s recent decision regarding the NSA’s data collection of U.S. citizens. It seems interesting that there isn’t more outrage from the President’s own base regarding this as that same crowd was irked over President Bush’s national security practices. Citing the Sept. 11 attacks, a federal judge on […]

December Newsbusted Conservative Comedy – Video

ScreenHunter_142 Dec. 22 08.44

Tweet – President Obama – Congress – Drones – Rush Limbaugh – Sean Hannity – Newsweek – Record Low Temperatures – Al Gore – George W. Bush paints – Nevada Prostitutes – Obamacare

NSA Surveillance Deemed Unconstitutional by DC Judge

Tweet In a major set back for the Obama administration and the NSA, a Federal Judge in Washington ruled that the majority of their collection practices likely violates the Constitution. All year the media and people on both sides of the political spectrum have been up in arms regarding the prospect of having their phone […]

Obamacare to Exclude top Cancer Hospitals

Tweet Even after all the problems with Obamacare’s website, the cancellation of policy notices, and now we are seeing patients not having access to some of the best hospitals for cancer. This means that the same law that is suppose to be for the benefit of all seems to only to apply to certain people. […]

Obamacare – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Tweet We are a month and half into the implementation of the “affordable health care act” aka Obamacare and so far things aren’t running as smoothly as anyone would hope.  As of now, only 3% of the enrollment target has been met, which can partly be contributed to the failed Healthcare website and confusion over […]

Debt Deal Blocked and Chinese Mocks

ScreenHunter_138 Oct. 16 06.54

Tweet Last night John Boehner’s bill budget deal was struck down as the Senate looks to pass their version of a budget deal before our country defaults on its loan obligations.  Countries who buy US treasuries and the American people are getting a little agitated that Government leaders are unable to reach a compromise and […]

Government Shutdown and Obamacare Starts Today


Tweet Due to the inability of Congress to come to a consensus on the budget, we are now on day one of the ‘Government Shutdown’. What that means is that most of the 3.3 million government workers will still go to work if they are deemed essential, but around 800,00 will be cut. During this […]

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