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Clippers owner Donald Sterling in Hot Water over Racial Comments

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Tweet The NBA playoffs is getting a bit of unwanted attention when a tape surfaced of Owner Donald Sterling saying racial comments. This is getting quite a bit of publicity as players, owners and fans aren’t sure what the backlash of this will be: Suspension? Fine? Team taken away? This drama is a far from […]

Give our Budget a Diet – Townhall Cartoon

ScreenHunter_298 Feb. 22 09.06

Tweet Happy Friday. Here is some conservative cartoon from

November 1 Comedy Relief – Leno, Newsbusted and Comics

Walk on Water

Tweet Most weeks I focus on some of the most pressing issues we face as Americans with new articles and commentary.  Today, I would like to give you some comedic relief as we are already aware of the election, Benghazi attack, partisan media and the bad economy.  Sometimes you just have to laugh :). Jay Leno Newsbusted […]

Advertised Messaging – Who’s Going Negative?

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Reid and Obama Fighting Dirty – Cartoon

Dirty Fighting

Tweet As the campaign trail gets more heated, more punches will be thrown which will bring both campaigns into the mud. The lowest blows to date have definitely come from Obama Pacs (see here) but I believe we have only seen the tip of the iceberg. Here is some Friday humor courtesy of

Comparative Comedy and Political Talk – Cartoons


Tweet Every day I see a slew of different images floating around Facebook and in email newsletters, so I thought I’d collect a few and put them all into one post. Enjoy

Hands off Comic Strip – Right Vs Left

Hands off Comic Strip

Tweet Hands off Comic Strip – Right Vs Left

Liberal Media Bias Comic Strip

Liberal Bias

Tweet For more political cartoons, click on the image

Pension Reform in California Cartoon

Pension Reform Cartoon

Tweet San Diego and San Jose both passed pension reform to save their city’s budgets. Hope the rest of California can do the same.

David Letterman Comic Strip – Top Ten Reasons – Townhall

ScreenHunter_10 Jun. 04 09.14


Nancy Pelosi’s New Street in San Francisco

ScreenHunter_07 Jun. 01 10.12

Tweet This is funny because it is true.

Turnaround Artist – Political Comic Strip

turnaround artist

Tweet Turnaround artist comic strip

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