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SF Based Senator Yee Arrested; 2 other Senators Targeted for Arms Trafficking

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Tweet Democratic California State Senator Leeland Yee (located in San Francisco) has had a lot of press recently as he was arrested on corruption and gun trafficking. Two other Senators have also been targeted by authorities as apart of the conspiracy. Democrats, who control a super majority in the State Senate won’t affected from a […]

Nude Protesters Arrested in SF Castro

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Tweet For those not acquainted with the various subcultures in San Francisco, nudity present at most every public festival/fair. In December of 2012, the city’s Board of Supervisors narrowly passed a provision banning nudity except for a few sanctioned events. This law following a new law requiring nudists to put a towel down on public […]

San Francisco Republican Groups Endorsements

Tweet The San Francisco Republican Party has officially endorsed the following measures and candidates for the Tuesday, November 5, 2013 municipal election. Ballot Measures : Proposition A (Retiree Healthcare Trust Fund)- Yes Proposition B (8 Washington Street Initiative)- No Endorsement Proposition C (8 Washington Street Referendum)- No Endorsement Proposition D (Prescription Drug Purchasing)- No Endorsement […]

Nepotism at SFO Airport – Lucrative Careers for the Connected

Tweet Nepotism isn’t anything new to our society, but people only seem to notice when someone connected gets a job even after using his computer to view pornography.  It is bad enough that someone is given a job ahead of others even with lower test scores, a criminal record, but Mark Kennedy was favored for […]

SF Young Republicans vs. Young Democrats Dodgeball Tournament


Tweet In a rare coming together of political parties, the SF Young Republicans are playing dodgeball with the SF Young Democrats to be refereed by a couple members of the board of supervisors.  If you are interested in this unique event, come out this Saturday. Details: What: 2013 San Francisco Democrat vs. Republican Dodgeball Tournament […]

Asiana Flight from South Korea Crashes in San Francisco Airport

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Tweet An incredible bit of news on this holiday weekend here in San Francisco as a Boeing 777 flight from Seoul, South Korea crashed on landing at San Francisco International Airport (SFO). From eye witnesses, the back of the plane smashed into the ground on landing which tore off the tail fin of the plane. […]

BART Strike Looms and Governor Asked to Step In

Tweet Gov. Jerry Brown is being asked to step in as BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) workers (SEIU) are scheduled to strike on Monday, stranding people all over the bay. Right now, they are being compensated as the highest transit organization in the bay, don’t pay into their pensions and pay low medical fees. I […]

Rep. Schock Talks about NSA & Snowden Accountability

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Tweet This video is a few days old and gives a good overview of the NSA & Snowden scandals. One correction from the video is that Russia has not taken Snowden in and is now soliciting Ecuador for asylum (as of June 23).  More updates to come. Courtesy of PJTV: Rep. Aaron Schock (R-IL) thinks […]

San Francisco Events: Lincoln Labs Hackathon, SFYR and John Yoo

Tweet In the next couple days there will be a slew of conservative events happening in San Francisco. San Francisco Young Republican Happy Hour Website: When:  Tonight, June 18 at 6:30 pm Where:  240 Front Street, San Francisco Join the monthly SFYR Happy Hour at Schroeder’s at 6:30 Lincoln:Labs Hackathon When:  June 21-22 Where: […]

Want to be a Landlord in San Francisco? Beware!!

Tweet When I first moved to San Francisco, I was a renter for a good eight years and very familiar with how expensive it is to live here.  The reason the city rivals New York City living prices are both supply & demand and city ordinances restricting buildings/houses.  Ordinances like this are no stranger to […]

San Francisco 49er’s to Host Superbowl 50, but in Santa Clara

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Tweet In sports news, the San Francisco Bay Area is going to host Superbowl L (50) in 2016– good news for the Bay Area.  This Superbowl won’t be the city of San Francisco, but in the new 49er stadium in Santa Clara, CA which is about a half hour drive south.  The city of Santa […]

Tenancy in Common (TIC) Issue No Good Deed Goes Unpunished in San Francisco

victorian heritage – san francisco

Tweet By Howard Epstein, Immediate Past Chairman, SF GOP Tenancies In Common (TIC) are a type of real property ownership where two or more parties own a building, and each party occupies or controls a portion of the building. Over the last several decades TICs have become a popular option for homebuyers, especially first-time homebuyers […]

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