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Dinesh D’Souza & Bill Ayers Battle During Contentious Debate on Fox Video

ScreenHunter_157 Jul. 04 08.11

Tweet An interesting debate from polar opposites as Dineshh D’Souza and Bill Ayers go head to head in a heated debate on Fox. Watch the latest video at

Newsbusted Video – NSA, Tinder and Hilary

ScreenHunter_156 Jun. 30 07.08

Tweet TOPICS: – NSA – Television News – President Obama – Washington Post – Brian Schweitzer and Eric Cantor – CNN’s Paul Begala – Michelle Obama – Jennifer Lopez – Hillary Clinton – Tinder

Bill O’Reilly and Martha MacCallum Slam Jason Mattera – Video

Tweet Looks like O’Reilly has been chastised for slamming conservative activist Jason Mattera for his ambush of Hilary Clinton’s book tour. What do you think? Justified?

2014 World Cup Corruption – Fifa

ScreenHunter_155 Jun. 15 08.46

Tweet With the World Cup in full swing, here is some insider information about the corruption in setting these events up. Plagued by delays and opposition at home, the World Cup in Brazil might be a turning point for sporting mega-events, forcing soccer’s governing body and the International Olympic Committee to accept less ambitious bids […]

Newsbusted 6-6 – Conservative Comedy Video

ScreenHunter_154 Jun. 08 08.39

Tweet Topics: – Earthquakes – State Department – Libya – Prince Charles – Al Gore – Facebook – NSA – INS – Obama Climate Policy – NASA Scientists

Time Lapse at Arlington National Cemetery Video of Flag Placements – Video

Tweet Prior to every Memorial Day weekend, Soldiers from the 3d U.S. Infantry Regiment “The Old Guard” conduct a solemn tradition known as “Flags-In”, placing a flag in front of every tombstone in Arlington National Cemetery. Please enjoy this behind-the-scenes look at these hallowed grounds while we honor the fallen this Memorial Day weekend. Happy […]

PJTV – Why is House of Cards’ Frank Underwood a Democrat?

ScreenHunter_153 May. 23 21.59

Tweet House of Cards’ murderous protagonist is a Democrat… because the writers wanted him to be likable! Is likability really such a problem for Republicans? Or is this about something deeper?

Newsbusted 5-16 – Conservative Comedy


Tweet TOPICS: – Carbon Emissions – Obama Administration – IRS Audits – Tea Party Donors – Dead Mom in Refrigerator – CNN Poll – Malaysian Airlines flight 370 – Benghazi – NBC Olympics – V.A. Hospital Scandal – Federal Election Commission – Democrat States

Newsbusted – 4/18

ScreenHunter_152 Apr. 19 16.42

Tweet TOPICS: – Tax Day – Tea Party Audits – IRS – Obama’s Tax Bill – Mickey Rooney – Obamacare – Kevin Spacey – Morning Joe – Hillary Clinton – Jane Pauley

Liberals Won? Part Four: ‘Hey Democrats–I Can Still See You – ZoNation


Tweet Zo wraps up his examination of a liberal meme that is as close as Zo wants to get to a colonoscopy (considering how full of crap this meme is). Its a meme that blames conservatives and credits liberals for a list of policies and issues in American history. Zo also points the cowardice of […]

Newsbusted 4.8 Conservative Comedy Video


Tweet Here is the latest instalment of Jodi Miller laying it down on Newsbusted. TOPICS: – Obamacare – Unemployment – – Ft. Hood Shooting – David Letterman Retires – Stephen Colbert – Ted Cruz – Major League Baseball

SF Based Senator Yee Arrested; 2 other Senators Targeted for Arms Trafficking

ScreenHunter_151 Mar. 29 10.18

Tweet Democratic California State Senator Leeland Yee (located in San Francisco) has had a lot of press recently as he was arrested on corruption and gun trafficking. Two other Senators have also been targeted by authorities as apart of the conspiracy. Democrats, who control a super majority in the State Senate won’t affected from a […]

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