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Newsbusted – 4/18

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Tweet TOPICS: – Tax Day – Tea Party Audits – IRS – Obama’s Tax Bill – Mickey Rooney – Obamacare – Kevin Spacey – Morning Joe – Hillary Clinton – Jane Pauley

Liberals Won? Part Four: ‘Hey Democrats–I Can Still See You – ZoNation


Tweet Zo wraps up his examination of a liberal meme that is as close as Zo wants to get to a colonoscopy (considering how full of crap this meme is). Its a meme that blames conservatives and credits liberals for a list of policies and issues in American history. Zo also points the cowardice of […]

Newsbusted 4.8 Conservative Comedy Video


Tweet Here is the latest instalment of Jodi Miller laying it down on Newsbusted. TOPICS: – Obamacare – Unemployment – – Ft. Hood Shooting – David Letterman Retires – Stephen Colbert – Ted Cruz – Major League Baseball

SF Based Senator Yee Arrested; 2 other Senators Targeted for Arms Trafficking

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Tweet Democratic California State Senator Leeland Yee (located in San Francisco) has had a lot of press recently as he was arrested on corruption and gun trafficking. Two other Senators have also been targeted by authorities as apart of the conspiracy. Democrats, who control a super majority in the State Senate won’t affected from a […]

Newsbusted 3-18 Political Comedy

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Tweet TOPICS: – St. Patrick’s Day – Flight 370 – President Obama – Zach Galifianakis – Hillary Clinton – David Jolly – MSNBC – CBS News Sharyl Attkinson – Sheila Jackson Lee – Common Core – Lebron James

Newsbusted 3.14 – Political Comedy Video

ScreenHunter_150 Mar. 15 07.43

Tweet TOPICS: – Obama Disapproval – Young African-Americans – Oregon Obamacare Exchange – Cuban Dissidents – Tokyo vs. Detroit – Keystone XL Pipeline – NHL – California Governor Jerry Brown

Malaysian Airline Flight Gone Missing

Tweet A Malaysian flight bound for Beijing has been lost in flight. As this is a rarity in the aviation world, many people are expecting the worst. It is thought that the plane was lost over Vietnam but no one knows for sure. Search and rescue is out looking for the plan and survivors. ABC […]

Newsbusted 3-4 Political Comedy

ScreenHunter_148 Mar. 06 07.12

Tweet TOPICS: – Oscars – Jared Leto – Dallas Buyers Club – Venezuela – Supreme Court Hidden Video – Arizona Governor Jan Brewer – Dogs – Susan Rice – Restaurant Obamacare Surcharge – Meredith Viera and Putin

Newsbusted 2/28 – Comedy Video

ScreenHunter_147 Feb. 28 07.41

Tweet TOPICS: – Obama Voters – I.R.S. – MSNBC’s Ed Schultz – Sun and Earth – Starbucks – Capital One – Muslims on Mars? – President Obama – Miley Cyrus – Kanye West – Craigslist Killer

Newsbusted 2-25 Right Leaning Comedy Video

ScreenHunter_147 Feb. 26 19.07

Tweet TOPICS: – Presidents Day – President Obama – Jimmy Carter – Ray Nagin – Jimmy Fallon – Michelle Obama – Piers Morgan – Denmark Zoo Giraffe – Ellen Page

ZoNation: Observing Black History Month Video

ScreenHunter_147 Feb. 18 21.44

Tweet Zo takes a look at what Carter G.Woodson was celebrating, when he pioneered ‘Negro History Week.’ Has more of the black community become what Carter envisioned as a cause for celebration? Hear More in this ZoNation.

Valentine’s Day Newsbusted Comedy – Video

ScreenHunter_147 Feb. 14 07.38

Tweet Topics: – Valentine’s Day – Chris Matthews – Winter Olympics – Michelle Obama – NYC Mayor Bill DeBlasio – McGruff the Crime Dog – Cher – Kevin Trudeau – Invisibility Cloak – California Drought – Jerry Brown – Al Gore

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